Mister Max Unscented Anti Icky Poo Odor Remover, Quart Size

Color: Multicolor


  • Unscented Anti-Icky-Poo is the most highly recommended product in the odor removal category by veterinarians and other animal care professionals. It is sold with a 100% performance and satisfaction guarantee
  • Unscented Anti-Icky-Poo has no scent or fragrance and is the perfect odor remover for people that are sensitive to perfumes or harsh chemical smells
  • Anti-Icky-Poo uses a combination of proteins and enzymes that deodorize offensive smells, including urine, feces, vomit, sweat, skunk, sour milk, rotten vegetable, tobacco, char, smoke, the smell of dead animals, and much more
  • Anti-Icky-Poo works effectively and without damage to surface materials including Carpet, hardwoods, softwoods, tile, plastic, fabric, drywall, leather and more. There is no rubbing or scrubbing. Just spray and walk away
  • Anti-Icky-Poo will permanently remove odor. Use MisterMax P-Bath Pre-Treatment first for carpets and fabrics that were previously treated with other products, and MisterMax Stain Remover on pet stains after odor was removed

PartNumber: AIP-UN-Q

Details: MisterMax Anti-Icky-Poo will remove cat urine, dog urine, skunk musk, vomit, feces and a whole host of other decaying organic materials. Remove cat smells, dog smells, urine smells, skunk smells and more from your carpet today with Anti-Icky-Poo. This product is non toxic, is good for the environment, and won't hurt your pets. "THIS PRODUCT IS THE REAL DEAL FOR YOUR ODOR PROBLEM." If you tried other products first, then you need to use P-BATH first before using "ANTI ICKY POO".

UPC: 894574002092

EAN: 0894574002092

Model: AIP-UN-Q

Item Condition: New

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